When Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker debuted at E3 2009, I was thrilled. Was this going to be Metal Gear Solid 5? What was that emblem on Big Boss? I was so fascinated with the MSF emblem that I searched far and wide for a patch. Coming up with nothing, I decided to and partner up with a fantastic group of people who know how to make great embroidered patches and thus ZanzibarLand was born. This was in 2009.

Years later, I became the very first to offer Diamond Dog iron on patches beginning in March of 2013. The rest as they say is history. You can be absolutely sure that what you order here is of the highest quality, as true to life as the source material and gets to you fast. Whatever you order from ZanzibarLand will become be a key item in your collection.


My interest go beyond Metal Gear Solid. Toys, movie props, posters, games, 3d printing and the list continues as you can tell from some of the items in my shop. With your continued support, I will bring new and creative designs into my store and into your hands. As always feel free to reach out. Say hi or drop a line and let me know what you would like to see next!